Annual Recurring Payment Agreement for Software Program
G & E Software offers a discounted program subscription as long as the user maintains a recurring annual payment schedule and renews on or before the expiration date. The discounted subscription fee will be honored as long as the users account doesn’t expire and annual payments are made on or before the due date. There is NO grace period and if users account expires they agree to pay the full retail rate to renew or purchase another subscription. If user renews the new account without interruption they will be switched to the discounted rate. Please contact National Accounts for current discounted and retail annual license subscription rates.

Subscription Payments for Software Program.

An automatic recurring payment in the amount you paid for the original subscription will be debited from your credit card or checking account on annually until cancelled by user. Your Recurring Payment will equal the Total Annual Subscription amount for the Program you activated.

Automatic Recurring Payment – Declined / Rejected. – Notice of Expired Product Key

If your automatic recurring payment is rejected for any reason and email is sent out by the credit card processor and/or G&E software. User will be responsible to contact National Accounts at 423-602-8672 or email National Accounts at Your account will be removed from our system If you fail to renew within 48 Hours of receiving the email sent to you for the Notice of Expired Account. You will be required to pay the full retail rate to purchase a new subscription even if you change the name the product key will be assigned to.

Automatic Recurring Billing Payment – Cancel by User Requirements.

You have the right to withdraw your consent to this Automatic Recurring Payment at any time. To cancel your Automatic Recurring Payment but this must be in writing no later than 15 days of your renewal date. Email or Fax the notice to G & E Software to the email address Subject Line: Cancel Auto Recurring or Fax to 615-691-7054.

Re-establishing Automatic Recurring Billing Payment.

If you wish to re-establish your Automatic Recurring Payment you will need to do this within the 48-hour grace period from the original renewal date. This will require you to pay annual recurring subscription fee. Note you may not receive the discounted rate if the 48-hour grace period is expired. You will be required to pay the full retail subscription rate before a product key is created for your account.

Changing / Updating Credit Card for Automatic Recurring Payment.

G&E Software does not maintain credit card information and you will need to update your information from your PayPal Account. Please contact National Accounts at 423-602-8672 or email if you have any questions

Authorization for Automatic Recurring Billing Agreement.

This Agreement is not transferable and must be agreed to by the user and this will take place a couple of times before the subscription is paid and/or the program is installed. You will be asked to agree to the terms during the registration process and/or the installation of the program files. Another form of agreement is the payment amount made by you is the amount for the recurring annual subscription. You have a choice of payment on the registration page for single annual or recurring annual. If you pay the recurring annual, then is it automatically considered you agree to all terms of the Annual Recurring Payment Agreement for Software Program. User has the right to refuse Auto Recurring Billing at the time of registration and pay a single annual subscription rate.

Unauthorized Charge Claims

You are responsible to cancel the recurring setup with your credit card company / PayPal account. If you are unable to cancel you must notify us in writing within 15 days of the renewal date by an email to and to be valid we will respond to the email to confirm our receipt. We will cancel the setup in our PayPal account for you in which you will receive an email from PayPal that the recurring profile was canceled. If you do not receive the email confirmation from us on your request or the email from PayPal notify us immediately. You agree NOT to submit a charge back or unauthorized charge claim to your credit card company if your credit card is charged for the recurring annual subscription. You are the only one that can authorize this by agreeing to the Annual Recurring Payment Agreement for Software Program and payment of the discounted subscription rate. If a claim is made by you for this recurring annual subscription you agree to pay all fees and cost associated with this claim back to G&E Software.

G & E Software reserves the right to discontinue the Subscription Payment Plan at any time and will notify users of the changes within 15 days. Greg Dillon and/or G & E Software will invoice you the balance due. You agree to pay this within 15 days of invoice date.

Subscription Fee – Late Fee’s

Subscription Fees are considered late the day after the renewal date and subscriber agrees to pay a late fee if applied by G&E Software to reactivate the software program. After the 48-hour grace period has expired user will be required to pay the Full Retail Subscription Rate for a new program subscription.

Late fee’s will not exceed $125.00 Per License that must be Re-Activated within the 48-hour grace period. This fee must be paid within the 24 hours after the 48-hour grace period.

Invoice Accounts – Must be paid before or on the Renewal date to maintain the current discounted annual subscription rate. The same policy applies if account is not renewed within the 48-hour grace period from the renewal date


If you do not agree to the Annual Recurring Payment Agreement for Software Program, then you will need contact us at to make other payment arrangements. Direct invoice is available for an additional service fee. If you pay from the Recurring Annual Subscription then you agree to all the terms of the Annual Recurring Payment Agreement for Software Program.

I fully understand that there will be "NO" Refunds on the license / product key subscription and if cancelled by user the product key will remain active until the next renewal date.