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Time and Material Billing Software | Restoration, Mitigation, Property Loss | T&M Pro

Time and Material Billing Solutions for
Commercial | Industrial | Residential and MORE

software suite designed to meet the demands of any size job
The Time and Materials Software of Choice by Restoration Professionals and Contractors of all Sizes

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Our Programs Deliver

Time and Material Billing Software | Restoration, Mitigation, Property Loss | T&MPro


Our software products provide fully flexible capabilities, to serve any time and material 
need, while delivering highly accurate results.

Time and Material Billing Software | Restoration, Mitigation, Property Loss | T&M Pro


Consistency is key when delivering a product that supports the most important part of any business, getting paid.

Time and Material Billing Software | Restoration, Mitigation, Property Loss | T&M Pro


Deliver your time and material bill with the added confidence of a billing software  that produces Accurate, Consistent, and Transparent billing Results.



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Setting Industry Standards Through Innovation and Development

G&E Enterprises is a custom software development company, with software focused towards the construction and property loss industries. Our products go above and beyond the requests from the field, our product development is executed based on personal experience as well. Having over 30 years in the property loss and construction industries, Greg Dillon has taken the time to tailor products to meet specific needs
often overlooked by most other companies.

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T&M Programs That Have Set High Standards

Time and Material Billing Software | Restoration, Mitigation, Property Loss | T&M Pro

T&M Pro

The flagship program of our extensive software suite, it is designed to Bill Time and Material, Rate and Material, Cost Plus and/or a combination of one or more of these methods for projects of any complexity and maintain Accurate, Consistant and Transparent Results.

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Time and Material Billing Software | Restoration, Mitigation, Property Loss | T&M Pro

T&M Pro Prevailing Wage

Offers all the great Feature and Functions of our flagship program T&M Pro and the Powerful Prevailing Wage Billing Module. We have taken T&M Billing to a New Level with this program

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Time and Material Billing Estimator Software | Restoration, Mitigation, Property Loss | T&M Pro

T&M Estimator

Create an Estimate or ROM (Rough Order of Magnitude) either one is easy to create and the ability to provide full details for each billable category will prove to be a true asset when it comes to project management.
Bundle with T&M Pro and Save

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Here at G&E Software, we offer top notch Time and Material training classes. We will ensure that you and your team are prepared to take on any size project, with ease. What are you waiting for? Your competitors aren't waiting. Our classes fill up very quickly, due to the high demand of certified and trained T&M professionals. Click below to view our current local training schedule. Need on site training? If your situation meets the minimum requirements, we will send a team of training professionals directly to your facility.

As someone who has worked in a leadership capacity in the carrier world and for almost two decades a leadership role in the disaster restoration industry, in my view T&M Pro is one of the restoration and insurance industry's greatest assets. I’ve noted that bridging the information gap between parties is paramount to most things we do on any size loss but certainly on a larger loss. T&M Pro is the first outlet for expectations to be set on the front end in a multifaceted way and then be measured in an accurate, efficient, and comprehensive way by everyone involved.

T&M Pro is really a spectacular program!!!


I just wanted to let you know that I landed a large commercial account (3 million square feet of office space) because of your T&M software. We were called out to a small flood during a storm here in Fort Lauderdale. The buildings primary contractor would not respond. So the building management gave us a shot. The bill was only 5,000 dollars, however we used T&M anyway. They loved the detail in the billing packet so much that they want us to do all of their work.

Like many contractors in the commercial large loss arena, we struggled with designing a spreadsheet based T&M invoicing system, although we made it work, it was far from sophisticated and required a tremendous amount of automatic calculation oversight. When we found Time and Material Plus II, we were initially skeptical because if seemed to good to be true, and that usually ends up being the case. So we shelved the idea for a while and came back to Time and Material Plus II for another look, this time we studied the system and its benefits and decided to give it a try. Before we went through the training.... Read More

Time and Material PLUS II is the total package. Transparency, ease of use, audit-able. As one of our students said, just following the process helps with Job organization. Change with a few clicks when requested by the auditing party saves time and money. The real value was experienced in the collection process! 

Support has been superb!




G&E Enterprises is excited to announce that we are working towards rolling out a fully featured online training course centered around Time and Material billing for Restoration, Mitigation, and Construction projects. We will be offering many different types of courses, that will allow you to work at your own pace, to ensure that the information is absorbed and can be used effectively within the field. If you would like to be notified as to when our online training platform becomes available, please submit your email address below.

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